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Vision Coaching - Transform Your Life


HERE you will find information ABOUT Best Selling author Sherron Mayes, the leading expert on Vision Coaching, Transformational Workshops and Intuitive Consultations.


The exciting life transforming video and audio event TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN 7 DAYS is available to download or purchase as DVD’s or CD’s.  You will learn a powerful visualisation technique every day for 7 days to help you master your thoughts and subconscious beliefs so you choose new life experiences of Love, Success and Happiness. Whether you feel lost or de-motivated, or simply want the most fulfilling life possible, these techniques can only bring positive results.  For more information watch this Visualisation Guide below for a taster of each visualisation technique and make 2015 your best year yet!
















You can also purchase a BE YOUR OWN PSYCHIC CD or MP3 DOWNLOAD based on a compilation of all the visualisations in Sherron’s Best Selling Book.  


Fulfil your potential in every way.  Sherron has years of experience helping people heal negative beliefs and gain the confidence and drive to realise their wildest dreams.  She also offers one to one CONSULTATIONS and personal VISION COACHING as well as workshops.  Her many TESTIMONIALS prove that, by using her powerful unique tools, you can learn self mastery and harness the untapped potential of your mind to transform every area of your life for the better.  







  “Sherron’s book ‘Be Your    Own Psychic’ changed my    life when I visualised my

   TV series succeeding!”  

     Paul Parkes originator of a BAFTA  nominated

       TV  series.  Click HERE to read  more  



   “Your visualisations are so

    powerful.  I have never gone

    into  such a deep state! I have

    just got a cash buyer for my

    house after 2 years of nothing.     And I have lost 3 kilos!  I feel     energised and  happy about life     again.”    

                Monica Erikson, Norway  



   “The workshop was very     uplifting and inspiring.  

    I feel like it has been a

    great step towards

    changing my mind set     and helping me achieve

    my  goals.  I feel very     empowered!”


      Elizabeth Valencia-Otalvaro