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The 7 Day Transform Your Life Challenge



Could You Transform Your Life in 7 days? If you could, how would you like your life to be? Would you be healthier, richer, happier?  I will guide you step by step in this extensive ‘Transform Your Life in 7 Days’ workshop and give you the techniques to achieve self mastery ... the key to success and happiness.  Master your thoughts and take control of your destiny by choosing what you want to focus on and  let go of old negative patterns.   Then you can create the experiences that bring you joy  and the fulfilling life you deserve.  For the first reviews of the 7 Day Challenge go to FEEDBACK    


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Index: ‘Transform Your Life in 7 Days’ Workshop


Introduction to the workshop -  Discover the science behind energy and your beliefs and how these visualisations change your brain wave pattern to access your subconscious and speed up the creation of your goals.


Day 1

Chakra Colour Revitalisation - This first technique focuses on your Chakra energy centres and tells you all about their different functions.  These centres are openings for life energy to flow into our aura, revitalise  our body and keep us healthy on all levels.    This powerful colour breathing visualisation will create energetic balance and release tension , thereby making you feel vitalised on all levels and raising your energy frequency.


Day 2

Deep Ocean Cleanse  -  The ocean provides a healing backdrop to powerful techniques that will help cleanse your energy field and subconscious of negative beliefs and other peoples energy that block you.from achieving your goals.  Clearing out negative energy is crucial to the rapid realisation of any dreams.


Day 3


The Forgiveness Fountain of Light  -  Forgiveness visualisation with mind altering music to raise your energy vibration and let go of anger and pain that block you from realising your goals.   


Day 4


The Temple and the Blessing Ball of Light - This visualisation takes you to the most sacred divine temple with uplifting Tibetan prayer music that will heighten your energetic vibration. Understand how ‘Blessings’ can rapidly create the things you most desire, as well as feelings of inner peace.


Day 5


Manifesting Tool kit - Potent innovative techniques and tips to help you master your thoughts and beliefs so you can focus on the experiences you choose to create in your life, so that what you desire, in any area, happens easily without obstacles.  


Day 6


Healing Cave of Abundance  -  You are taken into the deepest healing space within, with healing sounds, to create the energy and vision of health, wealth and abundance.   Feel and see money and abundance flow into your life and radiate this new belief to magnetise like minded energy back to you.


Day 7


Tibetan Timeline  -  Visualisation to manifest love, find your soul mate and create harmonious relationships with anyone.  This powerful visualisation with Tibetan flute music and Shamanic drumming will take you on a time line into a higher state of consciousness to create your new reality.


Summary of the workshop  -  A reminder of everything you need to do to keep your new reality and vision unfolding.