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THE author of the best selling book Be Your Own Psychic, Bath-based journalist Sherron Mayes, has now produced a CD version of the interactive guide.


Twelve years ago, Sherron was a bored secretary longing for something exciting to happen.  Then, on her way to work one morning she was hit by a car.  Although not physically injured it left her in shock.  The run of bad luck continued when her handbag was stolen from her office, and her bank account emptied using a bank card and new PIN number that had been in her purse at the time.


Feeling traumatised by the turn of events, Sherron went to see a psychic who told her she had psychic abilities she wasn’t using and that, if she found a way to use them her life would change for the better.


Sherron claims this was the kick she needed and enrolled on a psychic studies course.  Within weeks, she says, she suddenly had hunches about writing stories for newspapers and her first article appeared in Time Out the following month.  Within 18 month she had a lucrative contract with the Daily Mail.


Sherron wrote Be Your Own Psychic, a book that aims to coach people to tap into their own intuitive alpha state.


Now she has brought out a CD, with visualisation exercises, with sound effects and music which aim to help listeners enter a “powerful healing state”.


Sherron says “What we believe and what we think attracts like-minded energy to us.  And if we believe we really deserve success, money and love we will draw it like a magnet.  But developing our intuitive side is vitally important as opportunities for good luck and success are often sparked by instinct, intuitive hunches and inspiration.  The more we tap into that higher energy, the more we feel connected with everything good that can flow into our lives.”


The CD is available through  Sherron’s book Be Your Own Psychic is published by Hodder & Stoughton, price £10.99