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Sherron Mayes

Inspirational Coach and

International Best Selling Author

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Sherron has worked as a journalist for over fifteen years writing health and lifestyle features for The Express, The Mirror and The Daily Mail who she was contracted to for three years.  She has also written for numerous magazines from Time Out, Woman’s Own, Woman's journal, Here’s Health, Company and New Woman.


Drawing on her background where she was brought up with Eastern philosophy and meditation where Sherron lived in an ashram environment and was taught to meditate at the age of six,  she is the author of 'Be Your Own Psychic', a guide to using your intuition practically, which was published in January 2003 by Hodder & Stoughton.


Be Your Own Psychic, illustrates how she became a successful journalist having left school at the age of fifteen with no qualifications or experience in the media. In her twenties, she used her own newly developed visualisations and found the doors flew open as she started freelancing for many varied publications.  She was so successful that within a year she was on contract to a national newspaper earning £1,300 per article writing life style and health pieces. Often producing six articles a month ... if not more!  She used the same techniques to visualise a book deal and within a few weeks of submitting two chapters she had a six month contract, with a ‘beyond my expectations’ five figure advance to write her first book ‘Be Your Own Psychic’.  This is now a best seller internationally with the rights sold to Thailand, Norway, Portugal, Germany and the USA.   This was followed up within months with another five figure contract for a second book, both serialised in the Daily Mail.   


Sherron’s unique visualisation techniques utilise the law of attraction ... “The law of attraction means that what we think and believe to be true becomes our reality and we attract that back magnetically in like minded energy. However, our subconscious is like a computer and when we are deeply relaxed and programme in new information feeling energised and happy and as if it’s actually happening NOW .... then our subconscious accepts that as a belief and we can then attract that ‘good luck’ energy back to us.  That’s why it’s important to be deeply relaxed enough in visualisations to access this part of your mind.  The subconscious is the driver that takes us to success or failure.”   


Her visualisations alter your brain waves from the stressful Beta into Alpha and then the deeply relaxed Theta and Delta brain wave patterns.  “We usually only experience the Theta and Delta patterns in our sleep state, but this state enables you to easily connect with your subconscious. These brain wave patterns also promote a natural healing of mind and body and are a natural anti depressant.”


Sherron now lives in Berkshire with her family and focuses on writing her monthly column, consultations, vision coaching and her new innovative ‘Transform Your Life in 7 Days’  Video and Audio Programme which enables you to access techniques from anywhere in the world.