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  “Fantastic workshop - the

   visualisations quickly change

   my mood.  Manifesting money

   seems to have created a positive

   upward trend in my incoming



    Matthew Simmons, Berkshire





    “I found it very enlightening and incredibly

    useful.  Sherron’s techniques have enabled me

    to de-clutter my mind and understand more

    about myself and my true path in life!  I feel

    keen to explore these techniques further and

    would strongly recommend to anyone looking

    to find their selves to try Sherron’s 7 Day



    Daniel Jones, Caversham, Reading


  “Really enjoyable - visualisation exercises were    amazing, the deepest I have ever gone when    doing these! Nice pace and felt very relaxed . I    came away feeling energised, positive and full    of new ideas with the recognition that this is the    start of a journey which needs practice and    constant reaffirmation. It was a great workshop    and I would recommend to others.  Thank you    Sherron.”


    Liz Kendall-Jones, Berkshire



     “I’ve just accepted a job in London, better prospects

    and a £5,000 pay rise above my current salary.

    I had been looking for 4 months.  Then ... 3 days     after Sherron’s 7 Day workshop I got a call to have     lunch with another broker.  He verbally offered me     the job which I accepted with my heart pounding

    with excitement.  Definitely more then luck.  I would     say my life took a positive upward turn immediately     after the workshop.”

    Dave Hebden, Berkshire

‘Transform Your Life in 7 Days’



  “Thank you so much for the wonderful 7 day workshop.

     The visualisations are so powerful  I have never gone

     into such a deep state and amazing things have been

     happening over the last ten days! I have just got a cash

     buyer for my house  after 2 years of nothing happening!

     I will keep visualising to to make sure it works out.   

     And i have lost weight ... 3 kilos!  Now I will focus on my

     next project :-)  Thanks I feel energised and happy about      life again.”


                              Monica Erikson, Oslo, Norway


  “ I love your  7 day  workshop.  I listen  every day and

    I feel so happy I can’t stop smiling.   I really love

   Day 7 about love and the time line and it is strange

   but my  boyfriend, who I broke up with two months

   ago, got back in  touch, 2 hours after I did the     visualisation and said he misses  me.”   


   Som Ning, Chachoengsao, Thailand




  “The blessing ball of

     light visualisation has

     changed my life!  My

     anxiety and insomnia      have disappeared.  I have

     never felt so  calm.  I have      also  been waiting to be      paid by a former boss  

     for 4 months and after      doing  the workshop, I

     got sent a cheque for      money  owed.  Crazy or      what! ”


     Graham Bishop, London


  “I've been using your workshop for the last 10 days and also

   doing the money visualisation from Day 6 every day.  I

   checked my bank account online and was shocked to

   discover £1,200 in my account connected to a situation

   6 years ago.  I never do anything for myself, so I’ve treated

   myself to a manicure first thing this morning.”                                                       Sarah Chambers, London




 “As you know I bought your 7 days   transformation.  Day 2 is very good,   and I do feel more cleansed and   vital after listening to it. I try to use   this excersice often.  Day 6 is also   an exercise that I feel gives me   energy and glow.  I also like the   audio elements in the different   excersises. They talk directly to my   soul.“


  Anne Kathrine Essen, Norway


  “ I downloaded two     visualisations this morning,

    the deep cleanse and the

    hidden cave - within two hours

    I had won two tickets to a

    football match! I love your

    books and your first ‘Be Your

    Own Psychic’ CD - but these     visualisations are longer and  

    go deeper.”


    Geraldine Field, London