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  “I have just completed Sherry's 7 day     workshop, I found this very inspiring     and will carry on doing them.  I     particularly liked how she had used     music and drums to aid the depth of     visualisation.  Sherron is a fantastic     coach”.

      Carolyn Simmons, North London



 “I enjoyed your visualisations very much,

  especially the waves along the beach and magnet

  pulling in Day 2 and the chanting along with the

  balloon ride in Day 7.  I will continue to do more   chakra clearing as well.”

       Jennifer Wain, London



  “Day 6 - really gave me a great    understanding. Thank you for putting all

   of the information together in such a    structured way - if I can do it anyone can!    Thank you Sherron - very inspirational!”

Julie Mullen,Wiltshire


  “I ordered the DVD’s of the Transform Your

    Life Workshop and I have been amazed. I

    am in a wheelchair because of a long term

    illness and  have felt very frustrated and in

    many ways powerless ... but I have found the

    techniques amazing. Within days the

    atmosphere in my house totally changed.  

    My teenage kids often squabble, but there

    has been a lot of loving energy and my son

    has really opened up to me with a new

    honesty. I love writing music but this

    stopped with my depression but I now feel     elated and inspired and new songs have

    literally been pouring out of me. I can’t wait     to see what else develops.”

               Dennis Wilson, London


  “Your CDs, Sherron, are very inspirational and like you said, changes occur    from the inside out.  I feel more in tune with myself and I can think as well as

   see things more clearly.  Over the past two weeks, many changes have

   occurred,. The list is endless but I have stated below some of the

   transformation that have taken place.  These are:

I am starting a new job next week, which feels just right and I feel it is

  the beginning of something positive but I don’t know what…

I am losing weight and so far, I have lost 71bs in two weeks.

The rift between me and certain members of my family has healed

I have the honour and the privilege to see clearly as well as be in the

  presence of one of my loving, remarkable Spirit Guides

On the first day, during the meditation session,  I felt the emotion ‘fear’

  drift away from me.  It was a strange but pleasant sensation and one that

  I am not able to put into words.  

For the first time, I am no longer afraid of the unknown or of uncertainty.  

These visualisations have intensified my trust in God and my Spirit Guides.

   Practising the techniques makes me stronger by making me learn to believe and

   trust in myself whole-heartedly.  Above all, I feel more alive than I have done

   for many years.  Thank you!”

                          Felicity Huthman, London