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I have a reputation for being able to get to the heart of a situation.  However this isn’t about finding out about your life based on fate!  There’s a saying that goes ‘How people treat you is their karma.  How you react is yours!’  You create your own luck and it’s how you respond to situations that creates positive or negative repercussions.  This is about taking into account your ‘free will’ so you can make good choices that help you create the success you need in all areas of your life as well as seeing how you can deal with what already lies ahead of you.   I have dealt with many emotional situations from relationships to work issues to help you tackle challenges in all areas of your life so you can make practical and insightful changes.  A consultation can be conducted in person, using skype or over the telephone.



Consultations can be booked in 20 minutes time slots.  20 minute consultation   -    £27.50

        40 minute consultation   -    £55.00

                                                                                    One hour consultation    -    £82.50


Please e-mail or ring 0118 9473302 for an appointment and pay either through PayPal, or if you prefer, by cheque.  Please click here to pay

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