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Transform Your Life in 7 Steps

The Circle Magazine, May Issue 2012

Second interview with Steve Harris

The Steve Harris Radio Show, 26 September 2011

Be  Your Own Psychic and Manifest Your Dreams

Finer Minds at, 23 August 2011

Interview with Steve Harris

The Steve Harris Radio Show,17 August 2011

Listen And Learn To Be Successful

The Bath Chronicle, July 2007

This Book Changed My Life Radically Within 3 Days

The Chronical Newspaper/Business Review, July 2007

Tools That Help You See From The Mind’s Eye

The Chronical Newspaper/Business Review, May 2007

Celeb Book News

Hot Gossip, May 2007

How To Make Yourself Telepathic

Daily Express, 8th September 2006

Five Ways To .... Improve Your Psychic Ability         

ES Magazine, 2nd May 2003

Be Your Own Psychic

Woman’s Way, 15th April 2003

Cheat Your Way To Psychic Powers

Daily Mail, 3rd March 2003

My Weekend

The Scotsman, 1st March 2003

Contribution Section

Eve Magazine, March Issue 2003

Receipe For Resilience

Eve Magazine, March Issue 2003  

Sending Positive Thoughts

Spirit & Destiny Magazine, March Issue 2003

Psychic Awareness

Metro Newspaper, 25th Feb 2003

Tap Into Your Sixth Sense

         Reading Evening Post, 24th Feb 2003









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