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   “The workshop was very relaxing and i will use some of

    the methods going forward.  It was conducted in a very    professional manner”


   Audrick Duncan, Berkshire


 “The workshop was very uplifting and inspiring.  I feel like it   has been a great step towards changing my mind set and   helping me achieve my true goals and dreams.  I felt very   empowered and positive and look forward to attending another   workshop again soon.  The guided visualisations were fab.”


   Elizabeth Valencia-Otalvaro, London


   “I’ve really enjoyed Sherron’s Workshop.  I went     with an open mind to focus on my goals. Sherron     knew her subject well and presented it in an in an     interesting effective and captivating way.     Meeting like minded people made the whole day     more enjoyable.  At the end of the workshop i left     feeling positive, uplifted and with a clear scope of     what i need to do in order to help myself achieve     my goals.”


    Gerrie Lawrie, Scotland


  “I really enjoyed the workshop and loved the    guided visualisation.  It was so easy to relax    and go with it, without having to think about    what was coming next. I felt very safe and was    able to focus on Sherron’s voice as i    discovered the surprising symbolic images    that were popping into my head.    Surrendering to wherever my mind took me    was very freeing and all-consuming.  It was a    great stress-reliever too.  I can’t wait for the    next one.”


   Liz Balmford, Berkshire


 “The whole workshop was    fabulous! I thought it was   very practical as well as   uplifting.”

                    John Thompson-Campbell



   “I found it to be very powerful! It helped me     focus my mind on some deeper feelings,     emotions and challenges.Very good stress     release.”


    Esterlene Jackson, US



 “I found the process to be   really relaxing and helped   to focus on what i wanted   to achieve in a specific   way.   The visualisations   were really calming and   inspiring.”


  Liz Biere, Oxfordshire

  “The workshop helped    reinforce my beliefs in    visualisation. It was    presented in a relaxed    atmosphere and at a

   pace that allowed us to    grasp the concepts. And  

   it really works: I came

   to Sherron’s workshop    on April 16th. I went

   out on a whim on the    29th April and met    someone. We are still    together!”


   Denise Ramsell Butler,    Nottinghamshire


  “I have never done anything like this before but i really enjoyed

   it and found the visualisations beautiful.  Sherron made the     atmosphere really relaxing and put us all at ease right from the     start.”


    Abi Horton, Reading




 “I really enjoyed the visualisation    exercises and help with setting and    simplifying my goals.  It was a great    day to increase energy and work on

   my needs.”


   Nadia Ruppelius


A Snapshot Of Workshop And Coaching Feedback


  “I found the process with Sherron very     relaxing and enlightening.  The quality     ‘me’ time allowed me to clarify what i     really needed to focus on.”


    Sarah Aspital, Berkshire




   “Sherron enabled me to put some of my NLP theoretical understanding into  practice      with some effective visualisation techniques. After a consultation with her I was      shown ways of enhancing the process.  Now I find visualisation not just useful but      tremendously powerful!"      


     Rob Baker, Berkshire

For More Feedback


   “ I really enjoyed the sense of calm and well       being I felt from Sherron’s visualisations.


   Sarah Lawrence, Reading  


    “ I enjoyed Sherron’s workshop immensely.  I felt myself going into deeper and deeper states of consciousness     throughout the day and let go of some blocks which were creating stress.  Definitely worth trying and looking forward     to seeing the results manifesting in my life!”

                                                                                      Sarah Neri, London